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Question tag set 1 (tagged by andiechoi5)

  1. What inspired you to become an artist? - I dunno. I just always drew since I knew how to hold a pencil. 
  2. Who is your role model and why? - I have too many to list down anyone in specific. >.> Um.. off the top of my head.. James Gurney. The guy who did Dinotopia.
  3. Any life changing experiences? How did it happen? - Hm.. that's a hard question. Life ain't like a movie where a scene labeled LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE just kinda happens and you know it's gonna change your life forever cause of the name implication. It's usually the mundane things that you hardly even notice that change you whether you like it or not. But if I have to give one experience... er.. I can't say it changed me but more like it made me aware of human mortality.. was when this kid I knew suddenly died after a weekend and I saw his face inside the coffin and his mother crying hysterically. He was the first funeral I ever attended by myself and I kinda became aware that time that people die. Whether they're young or old. They just die so easily. I was five or six. 
  4. Do you have any hidden talents? - I'm left-handed and am automatically good at sports (theoretically. If I actually tried which I probably won't lol). I'm good at Tetris.  
  5. If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be? - I'd be a richer, prettier, more confident version of myself.
Question tag set 2 (tagged by 3v1l73ddy)

  1. What's your favourite colour? - neutral colors
  2. Have you ever stood outside looking at the sky as if you could stay there forever? - always. XD
  3. Have you ever been so bored that no matter what nothing you do makes you entertained? / lol I think that hapens to everyone.
  4. Have you ever tried counting sheep to get to sleep? - that never works for me. My brain would tend to wander off like sheep.
  5. Do you like anime? If so, which one is your favourite? - I like anime but right now, I'm more obsessed with games. My fave anime is... hm.. I dunno. HunterxHunter?
  6. Do you read webcomics? If you do, have you heard of Fisheye Placebo, Grey is, Homestuck and Hell Kitchen? (I know one of you has heard of one of them >> you drew it : p) Lol I think you were talking about me. XD;;; Harkavagrant is my favorite webcomic.
  7. If you were to wake up one day to find yourself in a fictional universe, where would you like it to be? - Gosh, this is pretty random but FF8. I always wanted to be a Balamb student. >v>
  8. If you could choose to be the main character of a Video Game or Anime, which character would you choose to be? - I'd be Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura. Nuff said.
  9. Have you ever fallen for a fictional character? - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHAH yesdozensoftimes
  10. Do you believe in true love? dunno

Question tag set 3 (tagged by 0w0b)

1. Top 5 murder weapons? 0w0?
- knife
- baseball bat
- katana
- fork
- pen
(three of those, Kami would use some time in the story :B )

2. Favorite Pokemon Type? Favorite Pokemon of that type? hahaha i'm so clever with questions
uhh I don't play pokemon ._. but uh.. I always liked gengar >v> 

3. Favorite past time besides drawing?
- playing ps3 games >v>

- guhh this is hard!!!! um........ the one anime that I would watch over and over is tbh Cardcaptor Sakura

5. Favorite Character? hmmm maybe like ur top 3 faves? Any chara from anywhere =w=
- Michael De Santa
- Nathan Drake
- John Marston

6. Like, how do you eat your watermelons, do you just dig in and eat the whole slice or do u pick out the seeds first :/?
- I don't like watermelon but if I have to eat it, I just bite into it and spit the seeds out like a gatling gun. 

7. Which do u prefer? BL or GL? >w>
-bl =v=

8. Do u care about ur sexuality or u just go with whatever you want
- I don't really care about sexuality in general. If you like the person, good for you. That ain't anybody's problem.

9. What is your spirit animal
- a sloth (cause I'm so slow and creepy and there's moss growing all over me and I have on trees)

- Fuck you Anna go the fuck away. *teenage angst*

Mnot tagging anyone. 

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1Coker 1 hour ago  New member
When there's nobody left after you are done warping my friend's souls, I will still be alive to pick up the ashes while you've totally been corrupted. How could you even have the gall to do something like this. You've permanently altered people in order to satisfy your greed. God forbid you simply delete your images, it's bad for your ratings.
1Coker 2 hours ago  New member
You're not dark skinned, wearing the skins of minorities doesn't grant you the ability to walk all over minorities. But that's beside the main point. Drink up some more Saint's blood in your chamber before you respond to me.
Came for the art
Stayed for the 1Coker comments.
I don't know if he's trying to entertain me or insult me. God knows he's failing on one of them. :XD: 
1Coker 2 hours ago  New member
You're like a completely gutless, single-celled organism who wears other people's faces like the face-huggers from Aliens. I'm not even making this up. It's just fact.
rp-ara 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
Hi, I just wanted to ask what kind of brush did you used to color your gorgeous digital art ? :D 
just a hard round brush with opacity set to pen pressure and added a texture which is a ps default. :> And I use photoshop cs3 btw. 
rp-ara 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
I'm sorry because my english is not very good so my comment might look impolite, but after looking at all of your arts I really want to know your brush setting 
1Coker 2 days ago  New member
You're have nothing on me other than about Five million messages about how you logged into my facebook, stole everything I had, panicked when you illegally viewed a military court case document punishable by over a year in jail about 5 months ago, logged into Kyle's facebook, read all his books and stole them, started tapping my phone, I left, spoke to another girl, you are fucking slandering her to this day while she does nothing, I felt bad because I thought you had autism, but actually you're more likely a stone cold psychopath, whom I labored for for 3 years because you know why? Because it says so in the Bible. What's the definition of a fruitless waste of faith? This. You.
1Coker 2 days ago  New member
I'm going to write about ten thousand reports tommorow, and post your name and picture here for all to look at when I recieve it. Also an entire book about your betrayal of all human rights in your desperate attempt to replace God. Then you will be a prison God, ruling over meatloaf.
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